Who Else Wants Gooseberries?

Have You Tried Gooseberries Yet?

Think gooseberries are just a fairytale food? Guess again! If you live in the United States, you may think gooseberries (also known as fayberries) are just legendary berry plants that fairies used to hide in. Believe it or not, gooseberries are an actual fruit and not only are they real, they're absolutely delicious.

Gooseberries Are Real?

Yes, gooseberries are real. If you live in Britain, you know this. We in the United States, however, don't see as many gooseberries around here (although they do indeed grow on American soil). That may be because their popularity significantly decreased when the government banned them back in the 1930s. Fortunately, gooseberries are no longer banned and berry growers everywhere can enjoy these delicious little fruits.

American Gooseberries vs. European Gooseberries

There is a difference between the European gooseberries and the gooseberries of the United States. The European gooseberries are very susceptible to a disease called American Powdery Mildew. Because of this, gooseberries in the United States have had to become somewhat of a hybrid. The American gooseberries are a bit smaller than the European gooseberries and are more resistant to this disease.

Growing Gooseberries

Gooseberries are actually very easy to grow. Because they are self-fertile, you could actualy grow just one bush if you wanted to. They are also able to withstand harsh conditions, which makes them a great berry busy for the Midwest and the east coast.

Now, before you get all gung ho and start growing gooseberries in your garden, I must warn you that even though the Federal ban was lifted, the growing of gooseberries is still prohibited in certain areas. Because of this, you're going to want to contact your local Department of Agriculture to make sure you aren't going to be breaking any laws when you plant your gooseberry garden.

Once you get the go ahead, you may have to do a bit of digging (not literal digging, of course) to find gooseberry plants. If all else fails and no local garden centers carry gooseberries, you can always order online from a reputable nursery.

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