Why Would You Want a Lean-To Greenhouse?

The advantages and disadvantages of a lean-to greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse is generally used when the greenhouse is attached to another structure such as a house, a barn or a garage. In essence, a lean-to greenhouse is like half of a greenhouse because it has a roof that slants in one direction rather than having a pitched roof like most stand-alone greenhouses.

Berry Jerry says a lean-to greenhouse is sometimes a good option for growing berries…

Using a lean-to greenhouse is sometimes a good idea, especially if you’ve got a limited amount of space for a greenhouse. Usually lean-to greenhouses are no more than twelve feet wide because the height of the structure the lean-to greenhouse is attached to somewhat limits the wideness of the greenhouse. The length is pretty unlimited as long as you have a structure to attach the lean-to greenhouse to.

Because most structures have utilities, building a lean-to greenhouse onto the structure may be advantageous due to easy access water and electricity. A disadvantage to a lean-to greenhouse is that the structure it attaches to may shadow the greenhouse in some parts of a day limiting the greenhouses sun exposure.

Berries need to be exposed to sunlight for about six to eight hours a day. This is something to consider when choosing a location for your lean-to greenhouse. If the lean-to greenhouse doesn’t get enough exposure to the sun, artificial sunlight provided by grow lights may be necessary.

Factoid: The word “lean-to” is used to describe any structure that has only one slope in its roof and is attached to another structure that supports it.

Most lean-to greenhouses have either a straight eave or a curved eave. Either option works as long as the slope is sufficient to prevent the accumulation of rain or water on top of the lean-to greenhouse.

There are lean-to greenhouse kits available that are fairly easy to assemble. If you are gifted in the area of construction, you can probably build your own lean-to greenhouse; however, for those who aren’t, a lean-to greenhouse kit is a great option.

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