Will They Ban Our Beloved Goji Berries?

Goji Berries Face a European Union Ban

A few years ago most of us didn't know what Goji berries were and you sure as heck didn't find them in major supermarkets or online grocers unless you were shopping at specialty stores. Nowadays, they're everywhere and nutritional experts keep touting their health benefits. I myself have become a big fan of them, which is why news of a potential ban in the EU made me perk up my ears.

My Heart Goes Out to My European Readers

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Europe has laid down the law. If the agency doesn't receive proof that Goji berries have been consumed regularly in Europe for the past 10 years there will be a ban that could last 2 years while the importers and manufacturers go through a reapproval process.

What Does This Mean For Us in the United States?

Believe it or not, the EU Goji berry ban could have worldwide ramifications. Many health food products and supplements contain Goji berries. If those products are made in the EU, the production will cease. This means no supply to the US and you'll have to find other alternatives.

And while it may be annoying that some products would cease to exist, it's even worse for our European friends. They won't be able to benefit from Goji berries at all until the ban is lifted. That could be more than two years, which means two years of not having the anti-oxidant benefits of these miracle berries.

My advice to my EU friends? Stock up! Stock up now! Dried Goji berries have a long shelf life. I don't know if you can buy two years worth, but if you can I'd say go for it. And for those of us here in the US, if you buy any Goji products manufactured in the EU, stock up on that too. The ban on Goji berries will affect you as well.

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